Welcome to Likesely

Hi, I’m Selene and I Invite you to get to know our sweet little corner of the world. I am the mother of three little elves who led me to discover the wonderful world of decorated cookies as a way of artistic expression.

We are a small family business that was born by chance and now we’d like to bring it with much love to the warmth of your home.

Since I was a little girl I loved to create thing from scratch with materials that i could find at home. i thought and thought about how to make one thing or another. I loved to see how water created different shades of colors by letting it run through a watercolor, to see the details that graphite left when a pencil passed over a white sheet and the magic that exists in each of the artistic disciplines. Cooking was never a discipline that cought my attention but i enjoyed watching any kind of television programs that talked about baking. it seemed incredible to me the works of art they created with eggs,flour,sugar and butter. i loved to see how they mixed so many ingredients to create shapes,colors,textures and aromas.

The idea of trying to make magic with eggs,flour,sugar and butter always crossed my mind but i thought it was for people with a lot of studies in the field and with a special gift. However,one day i became a mom and i wanted to give my children unique memories, so i decided to start experimenting. Without realizing it i was living the birth of Likesely??????.

In Germany, where i live and where my children are from,they have a beautiful tradition of making Christmas cookies in family and well I, with no experience in the kitchen,searched thousands of recipes to make cookies and I was sure they wouldn’t be that complicated.That thought changed when the first cookies came out of the oven…. They came out dry,hard,dull and tasteless. I talked to my mother-in-law to get her to tell me what had gone wrong. She tried to encourage me,gave me some advice and I decided that I would not give up.

The next year i spent a whole afternoon mixing ingredients,rolling out with a rolling pin and cutting out Christmas figures. I remember spending a lot of time trying to get the dough to turn out as well as possible. My cutters were very small and of poor quality so I didn’t get any definite shapes… We baked them and they came out a little better than last year’s,however I faced a new challenge… decorating them icing!

I dove back into research to find the best option and when I tried to make them… Everything was chaos!

I tried to decorate about 18 misshapen cookies and in the end only 5 more or less decent ones came out.

I gave these cookies as a gift to some acquaintances and received very good comments! I couldn’t believe it! I was so happy that I started to really study this whole world of baking.

I started to do hundreds of tests and experiments with different recipes for cookies and cakes. My husband took all these tests to work and they were delighted with the flavors and consistencies that I was able to make.

After so much testing. they began to order from us and BANG! Likesely was already in our home!

After the first official order we sent cookies to all our family and friends to welcome them to our small business. My brother-in-law and his partner were delighted with the cookies and each of the decorations that encouraged us to create this page. Today,besides being a family, we are a team and we strive every day to provide you with a great experience.

We hope you give yourself the opportunity to try our delicious cookies, that you share them with all you family and friends and that you become part of this crazy cookies family.

Our Team

Salene Brandt

Proud mother with 3 amazing kids and the heart of this company.

Henrik Brandt

He is in action when it comes to things in the background.

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